Profoto 8A 2400 Air


Profoto 8A 2400 Air

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Lightning quick, consistent and durable, Profoto 8A 2400 Air Power Pack (Multi-Voltage) gives you 2400Ws with recycle times of 0.05-0.9 second, flash duration as short as 1/12000 second, and the ability to shoot up to 20 frames/second. The Profoto 8A 2400 Air has power variability of 10 f-stops, color temperature stability of +/- 40°K from flash to flash, and exposure stability of +/- 1/50 f-stop.

This Profoto 8A 2400 Air pack comes with a built-in Profoto Air Transceiver and PocketWizard receiver for remote control (with a Profoto Air or PocketWizard transmitter, available separately), automatic multi-voltage operation worldwide, and compatibility with all current ProHeads, the Pro-8A 2400 Air has everything a pro needs, wrapped up in one rugged package.

Unique two-stage SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) recharging circuit makes it possible to shoot up to 20 frames per second

Fast recycling time 0.05-0.9 sec

Ultra short flash duration 1/12000 s

10 f-stop power range

Extremely high color stability, ± 50°K from 2400Ws to 1200Ws

Exposure stability +/- 1/50 f-stop flash-to-flash

Profoto Air transceiver and PocketWizard receiver are built-in for convenient wireless sync and remote control with Profoto Air or PocketWizard transmitter, available separately.

Automatic multi-voltage operation worldwide

Designed for usage directly with portable generators